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Help! I Need Views For The Under Armour Spine Venom Challenge

uashoebackboneHello! I have been MIA for a while but this is what I have been doing. I am competing in the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Contest. Each day we are given a SweatADay challenge to complete. During that time Under Armour contacted me and 499 other people. They gave us their new UA Spine Venom sneaker to test, make a video of the extraordinary things that we do in our Spines. The challenge ends May 3. They judge on creativity and video views. The winner will receive 5 years of Under Armour sneakers (4 pair a year for 5 years). I want it bad.

Please Please Please click on the link below and watch my video. It is only 90 seconds. I am stronger than I look. I push trucks, beat tires, etc.  Also, the supermodel Piper makes a special guest appearance doing her favorite yoga move! Please feel free to share this with your friends. It might give you and them a giggle. It is not everyday you see a girl pushing a truck and a dog doing yoga.

Thank you 🙂


Under Armour WhatsBeautiful SweatEveryDay Is What I Do

Well, this is what I have been doing lately. I began the challenge last year while it was well into the 2nd round.  This is an awesome challenge that is inspiring and so motivating. All the women on the website support and encourage each other to do their best and to reach their goals and dreams. This challenge is a community for all women who want to work hard, sweat, conquer goals, encourage others, and take the journey to show the world What’s Beautiful. I just got back into the challenge and I am ready to #sweateveryday to reach my goals and to support others in reaching theirs. Part of my goal is to inspire as many women as I can to join the What’s Beautiful Challenge with me. If you are looking for a positive change in your life, this is it. It is for ALL women. Let’s #sweateveryday together. That’s What’sBeautiful!!

Photos of a couple of challenges I have posted at What’sBeautiful 🙂

squat rotationUAplankwalkupsWho is with me? Let’s Bring It!

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