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Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

This is my Arugudew Salad. It is Arugula mixed with honeydew melon, raspberries, and I tossed it with a little sea salt and pepper. It is great this time of year with its vibrant colors and freshness, it just screams summer. When I think of the word merge,  I think of things blending and sharing as one. I think these ingredients merge well together because they have opposite flavors and you know the saying “opposites attract” right? Since Arugula is a bit bitter, I thought the honeydew and berries lend it the sweetness it deserves. The salt and pepper just made it all pop with flavor. It turned out to be a successful merger with taste and with its snazzy name:)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

My backyard green tomatoes

These little tomatoes are going to be included in a special Southern recipe, but healthed (is that a word?) up a bit. Just waiting and watching the beautiful growth for just the right time to harvest. Excited!

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