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The Goddess Green Smoothie And Resolutions

It’s resolution time. I have made different resolutions many times. Some I have completed, some not so much. I always like to make one or two and set new goals for the new year. One I am making this year is to become more organized. I will set some goals with dates to get my house organized. Also, I want to start a bigger garden this year so I am going to begin getting the outside garden area prepped for spring planting. I love fresh herbs and I always have some type of herbs growing because I love to use them in cooking and in my smoothies. Right now I have a whole bunch of parsley thriving in my yard, so I put a little in my latest concoction below. Also, I will be bringing you recipes for smoothies and more ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy New Year!

This is my new green smoothie. It has anti aging benefits, detoxifying benefits, slim down benefits etc. It is full of goodness. I call it “The Goddess” green smoothie. The husband says it is the best green smoothie I have made yet. Green smoothies are so easy to make and for me it is a great way to get in extra greens, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants all in a low-calorie sweet treat. I look forward to it daily. To make, just combine to handfuls of organic spinach, 1 organic apple, 1 handful of parsley (I picked from my garden/you can see it in there) 2 frozen ripe bananas, a few chunks of pineapple, and enough spring water to your liking. Blend in a powerful blender. I use aย Ninja.ย It blends and chops to a great smoothie consistency in seconds. Pour in a glass and enjoy the healthy benefits.


Check out this great post about fresh basil. This blogger has great ideas. I am doing this asap:)


I planted two beds of basil this year. ย Why? ย A lapse in judgement. ย I always think I could use more basil while I am planting the seeds, and I am quite happy with it in the early stages of its growth, but then it starts sending up flower heads. Which means itโ€™s coming to itโ€™s end. ย I fight the brave fight by pinching away, but the basil always wins. ย I end up shrugging off my loss and say that its all good because my bees spend their days taking dips in the basil flower heads. ย Which is exactly where my basil is right now, feeding my bees. ย So, if your like me and trying to use up as much basil as you can while you still have it, I dedicate this recipe to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a great little oil to have on hand to drizzle on fish, tomatoesโ€ฆ

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