Hi World! My name is Allyson. My blog is intended to be a fun and lighthearted documentation of my life and my passion for healthy living. I do believe good health is your wealth.  I do not follow “the health rules” perfectly,  but I try to do my best everyday.  Eating nutritious foods and getting plenty of exercise is a major part of my lifestyle, however I do indulge at times. I think the key to a healthy life is balance, laughter, love, and not taking everything so serious.

Speaking of love, you may hear me refer to my husband during all this blogging. I will refer to him as “The Husband”. Speaking of love and laughter I will be referring to my pup Piper, aka “The Supermodel” .

You might ask “Why are you writing a blog”? I think blogging about the things your passionate about is fun, motivating and a great way to document all the little things in your life.  Also, it might just help or inspire someone else,  just like I was inspired by reading other blogs:)

My Purpose Creating and sharing healthy recipes and efficient, motivating workouts

My Passions Yoga, Running, Pilates, Cooking, Blogging, Sunny Days and Beaches

My Career Auburn University Graduate in Nutrition and Food Science; 17 years in the Fitness Industry as a Fitness Instructor and Trainer; Currently working on a 200hr yoga certification

Disclaimer:NTheFitZone is a personal blog that is created and managed by me.  It follows my own personal lifestyle, my experiences and my opinions. This blog is not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. Consult your own doctor for any exercise and nutrition advice or changes.


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