The Yoga Butt

Straight from the Urban Dictionary the definition of a Yoga Butt is: The ultimate external sign of a strong and powerful body.  It is perfectly proportioned, very tight, high, and sculpted.  Having a Yoga Butt also means you have Yoga Arms, Yoga Abs, Yoga Legs, etc.  It is very sexy and immediately turns eyes and inspires others.  A Yoga Butt is also a status symbol.  Those who train, eat healthy, and practice self-discipline can attain it.  It is also a reminder to others to stay away or risk a major a** kicking. lol

So how does one achieve a Yoga Butt?

  1. Do Yoga – this is very important:)
  2. Include asanas (poses) such as Three Leg Dog, Chair, Warrior I, II, & III, Crescent, Extended Side Angle, Locust, and Reverse Plank in your practice.
  3. Practice regularly.
  4. Be patient.

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