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Back Pain And Fatigue In Corporate America! Release It With Yoga!

downward dogR

Do you work for hours at a desk in front of the computer? Do you find yourself slouching most of the day? Have you developed back pain and fatigue? I have had many clients over the years in this situation. We live in a “seated” world today. We do not move as frequently as we used to.  If this sounds like a problem you have, take little breaks during your busy day to just walk a bit and do a little stretch to help combat your daily fatigue.

One of my favorite yoga stretches is downward facing dog. This stretch is fantastic for lengthening the spine and relaxing the back muscles (strengthens and tones the upper body too:). To do this stretch, I start with a couple of deep inhales through the nose and exhales through the nose. I come on to all fours in a table top position. I then lift my hips toward the sky. As I gently open the hamstrings, I let my heels drift to the floor. I do not force the stretch. I spread my hands like starfish creating a strong base through the upper body. I let my head hang relaxed between my arms. I am gently squeezing the muscles in my legs keeping and active stretch throughout my body. I breathe deeply and steady as I feel my back lengthen and relax with each breath.

If the corporate world is tying you up in knots, take a deep breath, do a little down dog, and exhale. Your back may thank you.

Disclaimer – This blog describes my own experiences and my opinions. Consult your own physician before beginning a new exercise or nutrition program.


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Release The Catechins! Ahhhhh!

green tea

Well, it is that time of year again. I turn the TV on and the first thing I hear is “the flu is spreading”. Yikes! Definitely time to up the tea intake. I love tea and especially green hot tea year round. I drink more during these winter months with the flu spreading around like a wild-fire. I am not sure if green, black, white or oolong help fight the flu but I enjoy drinking it and feeling like the antioxidants that are released are fighting with me.

The picture above is green tea with a little lemon. Green tea is packed with health benefits. Green tea is rich with catechins which are antioxidants that scavenge for free radicals that can damage DNA. One unique catechin specific to green tea is EGCG. There is more EGCG in green tea because there is less processing in that type of tea. I have read articles about lab studies done on EGCG saying that it can be more powerful than vitamin C and E in stopping oxidative damage to cells and has the potential ability to fight other diseases too. Also, I have read that scientists have found that these little catechins increase the body’s ability to burn fat as fuel. Keep in mind to get these antioxidants that are abundant in tea,  you have to consume freshly brewed real teas. There are four varieties – green, black, white or oolong. Anything other than these, such as “herbal teas” are infusions of other types of plants, not pure tea. One last thing, every article I seem to read states that more studies lean toward these positive benefits being true but to keep in mind that the research is still conflicting or mixed. Ok.

Well since I have not read anything terrible about green tea, I will keep on drinking. Cheers!

What is your favorite tea?

Disclaimer – This blog post is my opinion and experience with green tea. Consult your physician before beginning any new nutrition program.

The Goddess Green Smoothie And Resolutions

It’s resolution time. I have made different resolutions many times. Some I have completed, some not so much. I always like to make one or two and set new goals for the new year. One I am making this year is to become more organized. I will set some goals with dates to get my house organized. Also, I want to start a bigger garden this year so I am going to begin getting the outside garden area prepped for spring planting. I love fresh herbs and I always have some type of herbs growing because I love to use them in cooking and in my smoothies. Right now I have a whole bunch of parsley thriving in my yard, so I put a little in my latest concoction below. Also, I will be bringing you recipes for smoothies and more 🙂 Happy New Year!

This is my new green smoothie. It has anti aging benefits, detoxifying benefits, slim down benefits etc. It is full of goodness. I call it “The Goddess” green smoothie. The husband says it is the best green smoothie I have made yet. Green smoothies are so easy to make and for me it is a great way to get in extra greens, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants all in a low-calorie sweet treat. I look forward to it daily. To make, just combine to handfuls of organic spinach, 1 organic apple, 1 handful of parsley (I picked from my garden/you can see it in there) 2 frozen ripe bananas, a few chunks of pineapple, and enough spring water to your liking. Blend in a powerful blender. I use a Ninja. It blends and chops to a great smoothie consistency in seconds. Pour in a glass and enjoy the healthy benefits.


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