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Rockstars And Cardio


An awesome and random thing happened Monday, March 17, 2013. I was working the front desk at my gym, and someone called around 1:00pm and asked if we offer a day pass. This is very common as people are in town on business and such and want to get a workout. I told him that we do and he inquired about the treadmills and the elliptical machines. So about 3:00pm I got another call from the same person saying they were on our street but could not see us. I then directed them to the gym and a taxi dropped them off. When they walked in it was business as usual, I took their money and got them to sign in. I asked if they were just passing through and they were. They said their bus driver needed to sleep and they wanted to run. I kept trying not to stare but something was familiar and I asked what they did. The said they were musicians. So business as usual I showed them through the gym to the treadmill. Well, my curiosity peaked and I knew something was familiar, so I checked the sign in sheet and saw the name Scott Stapp, which was very familiar so of course I went to Google and yes, Creed. Ummm yes, I was excited and oh did we need some excitement around there. Of course I had to go check them out to see what and how they liked to workout so I did a walk through to check cups and water. When I got to the stairwell to the cardio room, I heard serious moving going on up there. He is a runner and his band mate, Andy Waldeck, was getting after it on the elliptical. I left them alone and told no one in the building because I could sense they wanted privacy. From then, I did not budge because I could not let them leave without a photo. Andy came down first about an hour later and I asked it they had a good workout. He replied yes. I told him I knew who they were and asked if I could get a photo with them because no one would believe this happened. They were very nice, asked if I could call their driver back to pick them up and I did and they posed for this awesome photo. What is even better is that they had to wait about 10-15 minutes for their ride so I got to chat with them. I asked how they found and chose us and he said (this is awesome) that I actually was about the only one that answered the telephone and I was nice 🙂 Made my day! I asked where they were off to and they said they start their #ProofOfLifeTour on Wednesday in Dallas and then move across the U.S. and then to Canada. I offered them a protein drink (on me) while they waited and we talked smoothies and such. Just a regular day, haha. I invited them to stay for my PowerPilates class but they had to go. These are two very nice guys with a very different life than me, but when you actually just engage in small talk with someone, we are all so similar. I love that they are finding time to stay healthy. They thanked me and said if they are ever in town, they will definitely workout here. Star struck! 🙂 Oh, my friend that took the photo, froze but she got a kick out of it too.

So now this leads me to our next #FitIn5 Challenge, The Cardio Blast inspired by my new rockstar friends who love their cardio!!

Let’s Go!!


It is not every day that awesome rockstars walk in and inspire you to want to crush some cardio!

Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Consult your physician before beginning any new exercise or exercise program.


Top 10 Gym Peeves

Why are pet peeves called “pet” peeves? I have peeves, but what does pet have to do with it? The “pet” in pet peeve means one that is particularly irritating. I am writing this post about gym peeves. I can’t say I have a “pet” gym peeve because I have more than one that is irritating. I love the gym and most everything about it. I love working there, teaching there, I have friends there and I workout there. It is like my second home. However, there are things that tend to be annoying to myself and others. This is my top 10 in gym peeves.

  1. Leaving machines loaded with plates or not placing the dumbbells back in their proper place. Such an annoyance, what is with the laziness, this is the gym after all. Pick up after yourself.

    The leg press with 100 lb plates on each side that someone just left on for whoever to take off

  2. Coming to the gym sick. Keep your germs at your house. If you have noticeable symptoms that everyone can hear and see, stay at home. You deserve to NOT workout that day. Gross.
  3. Dropping and slamming your weights down. You look stupid. If you can’t lower them properly, then you should not try to lift them.
  4. This kind of goes along with 3. If you make an annoying, loud, grunting, screaming noise and your head looks like it could burst, try taking it down a notch with the noise and the weight.
  5. Not wiping your sweat off of the benches and equipment. Clean up after yourself. Another gross.
  6. This goes for group exercisers. Talking on phones or just talking continuously during class. Really, why did you show up if you are not going to pay attention? Be courteous to your fellow members. If you have to take a call, leave the room:)
  7. Speaking of phones, no one wants to hear the playlist from your iPhone, use your ear buds.
  8. Out of control children. If your gym allows your child to go with you, keep up with him or her.
  9. Adjusting the thermostat to a ridiculous low temperature. If you have access to your gym’s thermostat and the A/C is on and running, there is no need to turn it down to 60 degrees when it has not even reached 70 degrees. I think a proper exercise environment temperature is about 70-72 degrees.
  10. Coming to workout about 10 minutes before the gym closes. I know, exercising a little is better that not exercising at all. Just be ready to leave the building when it is closing time. Thanks.

Do any of these sound familiar? What are your gym peeves?

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