The Sun Salutation

Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation is a series of postures that usually begins a yoga practice. Surya means “sun” and Namaskar means “greeting of honor and respect”. Sun Salutations open and energize the entire body. They are perfect for warming the body for the more difficult postures. There are so many benefits of doing Sun Salutations as part of a yoga practice. Check these out.

  1. Increases circulation throughout the body
  2. Calms the nervous system
  3. When done in a series, they can be a good way to increase cardiovascular fitness and help in weight loss
  4. Opens the chest and frees the breathing
  5. Strengthens the arms, shoulders, chest and abdomen
  6. Cleanses the digestive system
  7. Stretches the hamstrings
  8. Elongates the spine
  9. Builds body awareness
  10. Grounds you to the earth

I always include a series of Sun Salutations in my own practice and in my classes. It is my favorite part because it is so energizing. Below is an example of my Sun Salutation practice. You may notice Piper (The Supermodel) loves to be in pictures:)

Beginning in mountain pose with hands in front of the chest; inhale the arms up; exhale into forward bend; inhale to lengthen the spine; exhale forward bend and step back into high plank; lower down to low push up position (chaturanga); inhale open into upward facing dog; exhale to downward facing dog; step forward and inhale to lengthen spine; exhale forward bend; inhale rounding up with arms overhead; exhale to mountain. Repeat between 8-10 times for an energizing warm up. Namaste:)

  1. Thanks for sharing!

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