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Big Healthy Breakfast and Burpee Video

Here it is, the video of my Burpee Challenge. I did 22 in 1 minute. This is a demo of burpees without the pushup at the bottom of the movement.

Lol 🙂

Below is an example of what I am obsessed with besides nut butters of course. This is my breakfast of the week. A couple of eggs with brown rice and quinoa with a side of kiwi.  It is delicious, healthy and satisfying. A great way to start my day and helps fuel me for the burpees.

Have you tried burpees lately? What is your favorite breakfast?


How To Survive The Turkey Day Food Coma

Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The big day is approaching. Thanksgiving is a wonderful day filled with family, friends, celebrations and giving thanks to the many blessings we have in our lives. Most of this celebrating comes with what seems like a never-ending feast. This is just the beginning of feasting, drinking, partying, etc.. It marks the beginning of the “holiday” season, so before you begin to gobble down your first feast, here are a few bits of info and tips that may help you and your waistline survive the season.

According to the American Council on Exercise, the average Thanksgiving meal consists of 3000 calories. Keep in mind many of us begin the glorious day by snacking and indulging in the vino, whiskey, beer, soda pop, or sweet tea while sitting watching the exciting parades and ballgames. Combine this pre-feast ritual with the actual meal and it can easily take it up to 4500 calories with 229 grams of fat. Wowza!

Now, we all have heard that turkey contains the essential amino acid tryptophan which has a sedating effect right? The truth is that the “food coma” you experience is actually a result of your poor little body working overtime to digest all that fatty food 🙂 It takes a lot of energy to digest a large meal. The body redirects blood to your digestive system to tackle the big job. Since you have less blood flow elsewhere, you may feel the need for nap time after the feast, so it is not really the little Butterballs fault after all.

Oh, and don’t forget, the holiday cocktails (remember alcohol is a central nervous system depressant) play a role in the desire for nap time too.

Tips To Help Your Waist Survive The Holiday

  1. Make up for the feast (we are all going to indulge, I sure will) by choosing low-fat and low-sugar meals (we should be doing this anyway) for the week leading up to and after the big day. Never skip meals, just choose your foods wisely.
  2. Make physical activity a regular habit. Exercise not only burns calories, it is important for good health, stress management, and overall well-being.
  3. Be consistent with your workouts. It increases your metabolism which will help assist your calorie burn when you binge on that big day.
  4. Before you leave for your feast, try having a small salad, light soup, fruit or veges. This will help you feel a little full and you may feel less likely to “oink out”.
  5. When you prepare your Turkey Day plate, it should not topple over on your way to your seat. Practice patience and portion control 🙂

I have many things to be thankful for. I have been blessed and I will, just like many, indulge a bit to celebrate. I have a weakness for pecan pie so I am going to do many burpees this week! Video coming soon. I am thankful for pie and for burpees too.

What is your favorite Turkey Day dish? What is your favorite part of the holiday? Happy Early Thanksgiving!

I agree. You CANNOT Out Train A Bad Diet!

My Revolution Bootcamp

Think again!

Check out this battle between a typical morning Starbucks run and kettlebell swings, one of the best fat burning exercises around.

Place your bets, people, then click play.

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Top 2 Favorite Fat Busting Exercises – The Burpee and The Tire Flip

Hello World,

Fun times were had over the weekend. The Supermodel turned 1-year-old. We celebrated with a little mini meatloaf cake. She loved us singing Happy Birthday to her. We watched her enjoy her meatloaf as we enjoyed my Mega Vege Pizza. It has been 13 days of no meat consumption by the humans around here. The little experiment is going well. We do enjoy vegetarian meals, however, I am finding that for myself I tend to have eaten too many carbs during this experiment. I think I have been around the house too much where I tend to eat mindlessly and since I am not eating meat I am going for the not so great carbs instead. I cannot speak for the husband, but I am excited for Saturday to arrive. I will complete this experiment but then I will be back to one night a week steak night, chicken a couple of times a week, and our usual fish etc..However, I will be very selective on where the meat comes from. I think it is important to research and find the best quality foods. My goal now will be to buy quality grass-fed beef and organic chicken. I am not a fan of pork, deli meats, hot dogs, or any processed meat stuff anyway so that will not be a problem.

Now on to my top 2 favorite exercises right now.

  • The Burpee – this is one of my favorite exercises because it is an exercise that works the entire body at once which burns lots of calories. Lots of muscles are worked during this exercise so it is time efficient. Burpee training improves the anaerobic system and increases the metabolic rate (this is great if your goal is weight management). I will be doing a Burpee Challenge tomorrow. I will see how many burpees I can do in 1 minute. I will post it and I challenge you to find your max Burpee or beat mine 🙂
  • The Tire Flip – this is one of my new favorites because it is fun, works the cardiovascular system, plenty of muscles are involved so calorie burn is high, and it is time efficient. Bootcamp style workouts include this exercise. I have a little competition going on with the husband. Last night we flipped the tire 40 times. His time was 1:09 my best time was 1:19. I will beat his time.

Below is my little demo of The Burpee. I will video my Burpee Challenge tomorrow. Who wants to bust some fat and accept my challenge?

Updates, No Meat, Running Goal, Yoga Goal

I feel good about how the Workout Warrior Challenge went. I completed the final fit test the other day. Before the challenge, I did the fit test in 11:07. My goal was to complete the final in 10:00. I am proud to say I did it in 10:05. Not bad 🙂 I do feel stronger, faster and more fit from doing the challenge. I have had a couple of peeps ask me about doing another one. I would love to do something so I will keep you posted.

If you read my last blog post you will know what my new goals are for November and December. It is now day 6 on the “no meat” plan for 17 days. I have to say it is really not hard to be without it. I have made a couple of great meatless entrees over the weekend. I made the Mexican Stuffed Peppers (I have blogged about this before) and a new recipe last night, Eggplant Parmesan (recipe to come soon). It was delicious! I had fish the other night, so pretty easy so far to be meat free. I feel great too.

My running goal has started off good. I ran short distances on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. I took off yesterday which I feel like I should have done a run but that is in the past. Today is a new day, so I will make the most of it. I only have about 192 miles left 🙂

Yoga is my favorite. Started a new yoga class last Thursday, Power Yoga. I love it but some of the yogis were a little ruffled. I think when something completely new is introduced people tend to get a little worked up. Once we do a few classes, things will go smooth. As far as my Scorpion and Firefly pose goals, I am working away on meeting that goal. I will begin to post some pics of me attempting these soon.

Have you set your new goals! Shout them out! I would love to hear about them 🙂

I did say I would post a before pic of me to see if there are any changes that are noticeable physically by December 31, 2012. Here it is.

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