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Show Your STRONG in 2015, 7 Tips To Get Your Resolution Going


I love this photo from Strong Fitness Magazine.

2015 is just around the corner and you know what that means. We all begin to think about those New Year’s resolutions. Well this post is going to focus on the oh so very popular resolution of “I will get into shape this year” or “I will lose weight this year” or I will commit to get healthier this year” etc. etc… So, I am not going to beat around the bush with a lot of nonsense clutter on this post so I am going to get right down to my top tips to get your resolution in gear before the new year rolls in.

1. You have to really want it. What I mean is, if you want to change something about yourself you have to change what you are doing. You have to commit. You have to be serious about this, it is your life and your health you are dealing with.

2. Set a specific goal. I don’t mean just saying “I need to lose weight”, you have to set a realistic goal, set a beginning date to start and an ending date so you have a sense of a deadline.

3. Make your plan of how you will reach this goal. Be specific and write it down. If you have no idea what the heck to do, then educate yourself. Research, see what others are dong. There is an enormous amount of information out there but you have to be proactive. If you need help, enlist a friend or hire a trainer.

4. Tracking workouts and logging your daily food intake will keep you accountable and motivated. People who log see more progress than people who guess.

5. Consistency is key. Consistency is key. Consistency is key. Hello, Rome was not built in a day.

6. Patience and commitment is must.

7. Understand there is no quick “fix” or “pill” that will do it for you. You have to earn it and it will involve some sweat, sacrifice, sore muscles, a change in lifestyle, maybe some tears, hopefully no blood (haha)  and hopefully there will be some fun.

Stay focused on these tips and you will succeed and the reward will be priceless. Get on it now! Be your Best Self in 2015!

Happy 2015!


Post Vacation 21 Day Shape Up

Hi all,

I have just returned from a relaxing and indulging vacation. Before I left I was on a 6 week strength and muscle-building program that went great. I had planned on running during my time away but before I left I pulled something in my lower leg from doing sprints so I decided to do a little walking and recovering. It went great but I also over indulged with a few goodies. I do not feel guilty about my indulgences because I was on vacation enjoying myself and having a great time. However, the results of that are me feeling tired, sluggish, less motivated. So enter a new program.

I love the website because it is full of free workout programs and great information overall. I found a program I am going to be doing over the next 21 days. It is called The Bizzy Diet 21 Day Fitness Plan. It is designed for the busy persons lifestyle with a focus on strength and muscle-building which I want to continue and also on fat loss. It incorporates Hiit (high intensity interval training), which I love, at the beginning and the middle of the workout. I like this because you get the strength and cardio in one workout. Perfect for me. Below is the link for an overview of what it is all about. Check it out if you may be interested too. I will be posting about my progress over the next 21 days. The great thing about this program, is that it can be done at home too. You do not have to have a gym membership, just dumbbells and a great attitude. Time to get Bizzy 🙂


*Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Consult your physician before beginning any new exercise or nutrition program.



Effort And Success

“Success always demands a greater effort.” – Winston Churchill

I said in my last post that my next post was going to be about high intensity interval training (hiit) and steady state cardio but I changed my mind today. I will get to it but today I want to share and update everyone about my friend Karen ( I wrote about her weight loss journey a few posts back) and her progress. If you did not see the link to her blog a few posts back, I will share again here. Karen is on a great journey. In January she began an intense program to lose weight and change her lifestyle. She has been coming to my classes regularly plus putting extra time in the gym. The program she is on is like a college course. It requires discipline, accountability, tests, reading, learning, and prioritizing to complete. Karen is on a great journey to become her best self. It is not just about exercising and dieting. It takes a great effort.

Anyway, one requirement for this course is that she has to weigh in at different points and she has to be weighed by someone else and have it documented. I am that person for her 🙂  Today was her final weigh in for this portion of her course.I am smiling right now because it is so awesome and inspiring to see someone really go after what is important to them. To give it 110%. This is Karen. I am still smiling because she was the last person I was talking to when I left the gym last night and she was the first person I saw at the gym this morning. We laughed as I was weighing her because I told her she was here as much as I am now and that she should work here. I love her dedication and her determination. We talked a little after I weighed her about where she is in her  journey and how she gets through some of  the temptations. She has found ways that work for her to keep going and to keep moving forward. She will not stop.

After she left, I checked facebook to see what was going on in facebook world and I saw a link to her latest blog post  titled “Last Official Weigh In”.  Karen is on an amazing  journey and all along the way she is inspiring others including me to be my best self. She is a strong and beautiful person and I admire her strength, dedication, and effort she puts in every single day. Yes, there may be setbacks, struggles and obstacles here or there but  the effort and courage to continue is what counts and Karen has this. She will be successful. Check out her latest post.

Keep moving forward 🙂

5 Tips To Simple Clean Eating

Eating clean is not complicated. What complicates the whole nutrition thing is the processed crap fake food that crowds the grocery stores and markets. I know you have heard the phrase “you are what you eat” right? Well, I believe this to be true. When I put processed foods in my body I feel sluggish, irritable, lethargic and I have zero energy. I often get asked at work from our members about what are good ideas for meals and snacks. My answer to them is of course, whole food. Then I get the usual blank stare like they do not know what that means. I then explain the whole thing about shopping for whole foods, you know, the perimeter of the store, checking ingredients, no packaged or fake food etc.. People complicate things too much. I always recommend keeping things simple. Cooking meals that are healthy and nutritious can be simple.

Here are my top 5 tips of simple clean eating.

1. Spend time in the produce section of the grocery or visit your local farmers market. Try new things.

2. Take time to read nutrition labels and especially the ingredients. If there is a huge list of  ingredients, chances are it is processed so move on to something else.

3. If you do not have a crock pot, get one. If you have one, use it. There are tons of healthy recipes for slow cookers all over the web. I have a few here.

4. Do not fall for the flashy marketing on products in the grocery stores and markets. I know all the packages are screaming for us to take them off the shelf because they claim to be healthy, low-fat, low-sugar, 100 calorie, low sodium, heart healthy blah blah blah… but beware. I believe it is much safer and healthier to grab the fruits and vegetables that are sitting quietly in the produce section 🙂

5. Experiment with putting whole foods together for creating delicious meals. Do not over complicate it. For example; for dinner I can bake a piece of salmon, while at the same time roast asparagus and bake a sweet potato that I washed and wrapped in foil all in the same oven. It just takes a tiny bit of thought and planning.


So this morning I woke up feeling like I wanted pancakes. All it takes is a bowl, 3/4 cup brown rice flour, 1 egg, 1 scoop vanilla whey protein, 1/2 cup almond milk, stir, and cook in a skillet on medium high until golden. My topping is blueberries heated with a little butter and agave nectar. It took about 10 minutes for the whole event. This is my blueberry pancake breakfast today 🙂



I hope this helps if you are struggling with how to clean up your diet. Remember, we are what we eat so don’t forget about all the beautiful fruits and vegetables sitting peacefully in the produce. I would much rather be a colorful zucchini or broccoli flower than a chunk of Velveeta.


*Consult your physician before beginning any new nutrition or exercise program.


Goal Setting For Weight Loss

This photo makes me smile 🙂


Not just because of the bright beautiful colors or the sign that says 50 pounds off, but of the beautiful person whose feet are inside those shoes. This woman is an inspiration, a student in my class and a friend. She is on a great journey to improved health, fitness, weight loss, and overall wellness. In my opinion, she totally gets it. She knows it takes hard work, dedication, and commitment. She is setting goals and she is doing the work it takes to get there. She is not making excuses, taking short cuts, finding quick fixes. She is eating healthy, making good choices, staying accountable, sweating her a** off (literally) and all while keeping a positive attitude and a beautiful smile! I truly admire her strength. It is people like this that “get it” and work for what they want that inspire me. Keep in mind it is hard, I know she struggles but she keeps it real and she writes about it. The shoes represent a goal accomplished. She bought these bright shoes a while ago because she loved the new brights everyone was wearing and said she will wear them when she was 50 pounds down from when her journey began, which was about 12 weeks ago. She walked in the gym yesterday with them on and with a glow and fire in her eyes. It made my day!! If you are looking for motivation, inspiration or someone like my friend who you can relate to, please check out her blog at She is a great writer and human being. This is her latest post on goals.

Burpee Day!

Hi all, happy it is Friday. Today’s challenge is going to be quick and intense. If you have no time for a long workout, no worries, this will be just the thing to get you going in just 5 minutes.

#FitIn5 Day 12


1 minute of burpees ( modify by taking the jump out and step back)

1 minute walking lunges or walking high kicks

Alternate between the two exercises which will give you 3 minutes of burpees and 2 minutes of walking lunges/kicks. Below is a video of the burpee 🙂

You may have noticed there was no challenge yesterday. We will call it a rest day. Hope your weekend is great and let me know how this burpee day goes for you. Don’t forget to check in with me here, on IG, twitter or facebook.


Some exercises are not suitable for everyone. Consult your physician before beginning any new exercise or exercise program.

AmazeBalls And The Fit In 5 “29” Day Challenge

Why 29? Well, everyone does a 30 Day Challenge so I wanted to be different. It all starts tomorrow. I will keep this short and sweet so we can get on with the AmazeBalls.

Fit In 5 Challenge begins Monday March 3rd and ends March 31st. There will be a challenge posted everyday for you to complete. I will also be participating in the challenge but the challenge for me is to actually post it every day, so you will hold me accountable okay? So that means you have to comment on the post that you did it or you can leave a post on my facebook page, or post an awesome photo of yourself on Instagram doing some of the challenge and tag me @nthefitzone and #fitin5. If you do not, I will not believe you did it 🙂

The concept is all about 5!!! The challenges are short so it will not take much of your time. That is the beauty in it all, it is a great way to start forming a healthy habit everyday without screwing up your day. I promise the challenges will not take over 5 minutes. So here is the first CHALLENGE Day #1

Pushups for 1 minute. Below you will see photos of me performing the pushups with the modified version too. Don’t cheat, if you have to rest, rest in the high plank position. Attempt a few on your toes even if you barely bend your arms. This will make you stronger. Form: feet about hip with apart, arms a little wider that shoulders, set your gaze ahead of you on the floor, breathe. Do with proper form. Modify when needed. Go!




On to the next! Jump Squats for 1 minute, I know why right? It is great for strength and cardio. There is a modification so if impact is not your thing right now modify by squatting down with legs wide, chest and head up and come up lifting out of the heels and reaching high to the sky with good form of course. Here it is below.




Last but not least is 1 minute of Downward Facing Dog, you’re welcome. Come to your mat with hands shoulder with apart spreading through the fingers, feet hip width apart, lengthen through the spine, pressing leg bones behind you, heels drift toward the floor as the chest sinks toward the thighs. Let the head hang gently between arms in neutral position. Breathe. Namaste. Now repeat all of it again so you will get the 5 minutes 🙂


Now on to the good stuff. A friend posted this recipe on her facebook and they are amazing. She used peanut butter and I had to be different again and use almond butter. I guess you could use any nut butters. These are the ingredients below.


1 cup dry whole oats

2/3 cup toasted coconut flakes

1/2 cup almond butter

1/2 cup ground flaxseed

1/2 cup mini chocolate chips (option)

1/3 cup honey

1 tsp vanilla extract

Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl and chill. Once chilled, form into balls and refrigerate (I think she said up to 1 week but after you taste these there is no way they will make it a week, not in my house anyway) AMAZING! Oh, she said makes 20-25 balls but I made big balls which came out to about 15. Enjoy!


So who is going to do the challenge? You probably should consider it if you are going to try these balls. Just sayin.

Always consult your physician before beginning a new exercise program.

5 Minute Glute Workout/Fit In 5 #3

Happy New Year!  I am not going to waste time blabbering about New Year resolutions. We all have probably made them, so let’s stop talking about it and start doing something about it! So, if working your glutes in 5 minutes is your resolution you have come to the right blog. I have included a few of my favorite exercises to target this pesky area. Remember how Fit In 5 works? It is 5 exercises for 1 minute each. Here are the exercises below.

1. Kettlebell or dumbbell swings – 1 minute

2. One Arm Rows – 30 seconds each side

3. Skaters – 1 minute

4. Push Press – 1 minute

5. Dolphin Kicks – alternating kicks for 1 minute


The photo above is a still shot of the Dolphin Kicks, one of my favorites. I can make this a more intense workout by repeating the workout 2-3 times. It is still a quick, efficient, no excuse workout.

Here is the workout – 5 Minute Glute Workout

Happy New You!!!! 🙂

*Always consult your own physician before beginning any new exercise program.

FIT IN 5 #2/Beginner/Intermediate 5 minute Workout

Grab your dumbbells! Let’s sweat it out with some strength building muscle work. Time for FIT IN 5 #2. FIT IN 5’s are my 5 minute workouts that help me stay strong and healthy when I am short on time. I can always squeeze in at least 5 minutes. This workout is all about strength. I think strength training is very important in a well-rounded fitness routine because of the many benefits. According to the CDC, “strength training is very powerful in reducing the signs and symptoms of some diseases and chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, back pain and depression”. The CDC states that “strengthening exercises are safe for men and women of all ages, including those who are not in perfect health”. Of course I always recommend consulting with your own physician before beginning any new exercise program.

Some of the benefits include:

1. Improves balance

2. Strengthens bones

3. Healthy state of mind

4. Proper weight management

5. Improved glucose control

6. Sleep improvements

7. Healthy heart tissue

That is enough to pump me up and get me motivated about staying strong and healthy. This workout requires 5-10 lb dumbbells depending on your fitness level. It is not in real-time like I wanted to do (a little trouble uploading) so I shortened it. All that is needed is a timer set to 1 minute intervals, dumbbells and pump it up music 🙂

5 exercise/1 minute each

1. Squat Press

2. Renegade Rows (modifications shown)

3. Kickbacks

4. Side to Side Squats/Bicep Curl

5. Bicycle Abs (modifications shown)

I will do this at least once, but if I have a little more time, I repeat it 2-3 times for a longer more intense, but still quick workout.

Below is a photo of the renegade rows which is a favorite of mine, plus the link to the video.

How do you fit your fitness in when short on time?


*Always consult your physician before beginning any new exercise program.

*Source –

FIT IN 5 Minutes/#1

Hi all! I have been wanting to start this series of posts called “FIT IN 5” for a while now.  I have a few people in mind that I know will love this so I thought I would share with everyone. I know this is a very busy season for many people and I understand that people are busy with work, kids, family, chores, etc… but I still believe we all have to make time to focus on our own health and fitness. This is where FIT IN 5 can help. I am going to share my 5 minute workouts with you every week. I believe that it is our own responsibility to find ways to improve our own health and fitness so I am sharing ways that help me stay strong and fit. Small things everyday are what keep me energized and motivated. I try my best to do something physical every day.  Keep in mind, this is a journey and a process, not instant fitness. FIT IN 5 are workouts that can be done at home, the gym, vacation etc.. with minimal equipment in 5 minutes. Commitment, consistency, determination and a positive attitude are the ingredients to be successful for the FIT IN 5 workouts.

I will be doing these workouts in real-time so it will be easy to follow. I will show modifications and variations. There will be 5 exercises and each exercise will be done for 1 minute. The workout will consist mainly of bodyweight exercises but at times small dumbbells (5-10 lbs), a sturdy table or chair may be used.

This is a great way to focus on fitness as the New Year approaches. These workouts keep me energized, make me stronger which keep me motivated and confident. My goal here is to share my passion and hopefully to help and  inspire someone to get moving and feel better 🙂  Below is the very first FIT IN 5.


5 Exercises/1 Minute Each Exercises

Mountain Climber

Squat Twist

Push Ups

Air Squat/Jump

Spider Plank

Click the link below to see the workout in real-time.

*Always consult your own physician before beginning any new fitness program.

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