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Rockstars And Cardio


An awesome and random thing happened Monday, March 17, 2013. I was working the front desk at my gym, and someone called around 1:00pm and asked if we offer a day pass. This is very common as people are in town on business and such and want to get a workout. I told him that we do and he inquired about the treadmills and the elliptical machines. So about 3:00pm I got another call from the same person saying they were on our street but could not see us. I then directed them to the gym and a taxi dropped them off. When they walked in it was business as usual, I took their money and got them to sign in. I asked if they were just passing through and they were. They said their bus driver needed to sleep and they wanted to run. I kept trying not to stare but something was familiar and I asked what they did. The said they were musicians. So business as usual I showed them through the gym to the treadmill. Well, my curiosity peaked and I knew something was familiar, so I checked the sign in sheet and saw the name Scott Stapp, which was very familiar so of course I went to Google and yes, Creed. Ummm yes, I was excited and oh did we need some excitement around there. Of course I had to go check them out to see what and how they liked to workout so I did a walk through to check cups and water. When I got to the stairwell to the cardio room, I heard serious moving going on up there. He is a runner and his band mate, Andy Waldeck, was getting after it on the elliptical. I left them alone and told no one in the building because I could sense they wanted privacy. From then, I did not budge because I could not let them leave without a photo. Andy came down first about an hour later and I asked it they had a good workout. He replied yes. I told him I knew who they were and asked if I could get a photo with them because no one would believe this happened. They were very nice, asked if I could call their driver back to pick them up and I did and they posed for this awesome photo. What is even better is that they had to wait about 10-15 minutes for their ride so I got to chat with them. I asked how they found and chose us and he said (this is awesome) that I actually was about the only one that answered the telephone and I was nice ūüôā Made my day! I asked where they were off to and they said they start their #ProofOfLifeTour on Wednesday in Dallas and then move across the U.S. and then to Canada. I offered them a protein drink (on me) while they waited and we talked smoothies and such. Just a regular day, haha. I invited them to stay for my PowerPilates class but they had to go. These are two very nice guys with a very different life than me, but when you actually just engage in small talk with someone, we are all so similar. I love that they are finding time to stay healthy. They thanked me and said if they are ever in town, they will definitely workout here. Star struck! ūüôā Oh, my friend that took the photo, froze but she got a kick out of it too.

So now this leads me to our next #FitIn5 Challenge, The Cardio Blast inspired by my new rockstar friends who love their cardio!!

Let’s Go!!


It is not every day that awesome rockstars walk in and inspire you to want to crush some cardio!

Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Consult your physician before beginning any new exercise or exercise program.


Burpee Day!

Hi all, happy it is Friday. Today’s challenge is going to be quick and intense. If you have no time for a long workout, no worries, this will be just the thing to get you going in just 5 minutes.

#FitIn5 Day 12


1 minute of burpees ( modify by taking the jump out and step back)

1 minute walking lunges or walking high kicks

Alternate between the two exercises which will give you 3 minutes of burpees and 2 minutes of walking lunges/kicks. Below is a video of the burpee ūüôā

You may have noticed there was no challenge yesterday. We will call it a rest day. Hope your weekend is great and let me know how this burpee day goes for you. Don’t forget to check in with me here, on IG, twitter or facebook.


Some exercises are not suitable for everyone. Consult your physician before beginning any new exercise or exercise program.

Lean Muscle, Fat Burning 21 Day Challenge Starts Today

securedownload-6I am so excited about this new training program I have started today. It is a 21 day challenge I found at by Ashley Conrad, a fitness expert and celebrity trainer. Her program is called The Clutch Cut 21 Day Challenge. She promotes cutting the crap and cutting the fat. ūüôā I like her already. This is just what I need to motivate myself, build lean muscle and burn fat. Her program is awesome because you train at a high intensity for 5 days with rest days as well. I like it because the lifting days are full body workouts which I know my body responds well to. I never have had good success with split training. She also includes HIIT cardio training which will work well with my 1/2 marathon training since my goal is to get faster. I started today with the cardio and core. I did a warm up of light running, stretching, then 10 circuits of interval training (scale 1-10 using treadmill, bike, elliptical or outside run) which included an easy run for 60 seconds (level 5) a faster run for 30 seconds (level 7) and a sprint for 60 seconds (level 10). I finished with a steady run for another mile then cooled down. It felt great. I cannot wait to do the lifting circuit tomorrow. I will give a quick update when done.

She also gives complete nutrition information which is very similar to the way I eat. I am also going to follow her nutrition plan as I train. Who wants to join the challenge with me? Let’s keep each other motivated for the next 21 days. I love it when a good plan comes together.

Handstand Touches, Arm Balance Fun, Sweating Pink, WWC Update

Hi. This is an update of my progress in The Workout Warrior Challenge. I can tell a difference already in my strength. My legs are firmer and it is only the second week. I have heard from a few of you that have also have experienced positive results, so keep it up! Make sure you comment and let me know how you are doing.

WOW#2 started great. I did 6 rounds in the 20 minutes for the day 1 workout. My goal for day 3 is to increase my weight(I used a 15 lb KB) for the sumo squats. My goal for Thursday is 7 rounds in 20 minutes using a 25 lb DB for the sumo squats.

I did Day 2 yesterday. Runs with Tabatas! My total time was 18:39 with the 800m run. I felt good.  I modified one round on the lunge jumps. I know I can go faster on my runs and I will lower my time when I do this workout again on Friday.

Today I will be Sweating Pink! Every Wednesday for the rest of October I will wear pink to raise awareness for breast cancer. Join in and put on your pink (boys too:) and Sweat Pink during your workout. I always try to think about the challenges that many people with cancer face on a daily basis. I look at how strong they are and it inspires me to push and work hard to do the best that I can and be the best I can every day. I have so much to be thankful for.

A friend challenged me to do these handstand touches to see how many I could do. It is harder than it looks. I completed 30. I will practice on that. I got in handstand (not a very good one though) and alternated taps on my abdomen.

I was just goofing off attempting eight angle pose. I have not attempted this arm balance in a while. It needs a little polishing but not bad.

Well it has been a great week so far. I hope your week is going well. Let me know how your workouts are going. Did any of you do the stir fry?

How about a quick challenge? How many burpees (without the pushup)  can you do in 1 minute? Get it done! I want to know your number. Remember sweat everyday and love it!

Future Workout Warrior! Gear Check

Time for gear check for any future Workout Warriors! The challenge starts Monday October 1, 2012 (well technically this weekend for the fit test) so it is time to make sure all of the exercise gear is in place.

These are some items I will be using, however if you do not have all of it, do not worry so much. You can always use your own bodyweight or dumbbells. If you are a true exercise beginner you will definitely be using just your bodyweight or a broomstick.

  1. Dumbbells – I will use a 10-20lb pair
  2. Exercise mat – for floor work (my garage is sometimes a little dirty)
  3. Jump Rope – you can find a cheap one at Wal-Mart
  4. Kettlebell (KB) РI use 15lb-20lb
  5. Broomstick (BS)  or weighted barbell (BB) РI will use a 20lb bar
  6. Your body
  7. A timer or clock
  8. Journal and pen to record times, reps, weight etc.. (you will want to see your improvements and progress)

If you are a beginner, you will be using just your bodyweight, very light dumbbells, or broomstick. I will be doing functional strength exercises along with interval and endurance training.  I will demo modifications for beginners.

Good nutrition, hydration, and sleep is very important during training to help with energy levels and recovery. I will be posting what I eat during this challenge which will consist of many fruits and vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats, beans and legumes, whole grains (keeping portions in control), water, and no sugars:( I encourage anyone who follows to go to the market this weekend and stock up on healthy foods so you will be prepared.

Staples in my house are:

  1. Spinach and other greens
  2. Variety of vegetables (try new things)
  3. Brown rice (the kind you actually have to cook. It is easy just boil water and dump rice in and cook for the time it says)
  4. Organic Eggs
  5. Fruits
  6. Sea Salt, pepper, Greek seasoning, a garlic seasoning, hot sauce
  7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
  8. Almond Butter
  9. Whole Oats (no packaged crap)
  10. Fish (love salmon)
  11. Black beans
  12. Hummus
  13. Skinless chicken breasts, lean beef, pork loin etc..
  14. Almonds, walnuts, or pistachios etc..
  15. Organic skim milk
  16. Whey protein powder
  17. Dark chocolate (on occasion)
  18. Water
  19. Coffee
  20. Sweet potatoes

You get the picture right? I will post what I eat each day just to give you some ideas if it interests you. If not, don’t read it:)¬†That is all for now. Comment if you have a question. Thanks. Holla!


Week 1 of my latest running challenge was not so great. I confess, it did not go exactly as planned but I did get 2 runs in. I am not giving up, so I started Fartlek week yesterday.

Fartlek¬†is a Swedish term meaning “speed play”. It is a form of interval or speed training to help improve running speed and endurance. It is different from traditional interval training which has specific times or distances. Fartleks¬†are unorganized, meaning each interval can vary. It involves running at faster segments with¬†slower jogs. Fartleks can be done on any type of terrain. If you are just starting speedwork, introduce short distances at¬†a faster pace.English: Sunny Interval Southern slopes of the...

To me Fartleks are fun and challenging. You can measure distance or use a timed Fartlek such as 200m or 30 second intervals. I run in my neighborhood most of the time so I just use mailboxes.  I run different lengths of mailboxes and also vary my pace. During Fartlek week, include 2 Fartlek runs on nonconsecutive days (if you are following along with me). The other 2 days should be regular pace and distance runs. As always, consult your doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

How was your last run? Did you do a Fartlek? How did you measure them? Love to hear your comments:)

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