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Show Your STRONG in 2015, 7 Tips To Get Your Resolution Going


I love this photo from Strong Fitness Magazine.

2015 is just around the corner and you know what that means. We all begin to think about those New Year’s resolutions. Well this post is going to focus on the oh so very popular resolution of “I will get into shape this year” or “I will lose weight this year” or I will commit to get healthier this year” etc. etc… So, I am not going to beat around the bush with a lot of nonsense clutter on this post so I am going to get right down to my top tips to get your resolution in gear before the new year rolls in.

1. You have to really want it. What I mean is, if you want to change something about yourself you have to change what you are doing. You have to commit. You have to be serious about this, it is your life and your health you are dealing with.

2. Set a specific goal. I don’t mean just saying “I need to lose weight”, you have to set a realistic goal, set a beginning date to start and an ending date so you have a sense of a deadline.

3. Make your plan of how you will reach this goal. Be specific and write it down. If you have no idea what the heck to do, then educate yourself. Research, see what others are dong. There is an enormous amount of information out there but you have to be proactive. If you need help, enlist a friend or hire a trainer.

4. Tracking workouts and logging your daily food intake will keep you accountable and motivated. People who log see more progress than people who guess.

5. Consistency is key. Consistency is key. Consistency is key. Hello, Rome was not built in a day.

6. Patience and commitment is must.

7. Understand there is no quick “fix” or “pill” that will do it for you. You have to earn it and it will involve some sweat, sacrifice, sore muscles, a change in lifestyle, maybe some tears, hopefully no blood (haha)  and hopefully there will be some fun.

Stay focused on these tips and you will succeed and the reward will be priceless. Get on it now! Be your Best Self in 2015!

Happy 2015!


Effort And Success

“Success always demands a greater effort.” – Winston Churchill

I said in my last post that my next post was going to be about high intensity interval training (hiit) and steady state cardio but I changed my mind today. I will get to it but today I want to share and update everyone about my friend Karen ( I wrote about her weight loss journey a few posts back) and her progress. If you did not see the link to her blog a few posts back, I will share again here. Karen is on a great journey. In January she began an intense program to lose weight and change her lifestyle. She has been coming to my classes regularly plus putting extra time in the gym. The program she is on is like a college course. It requires discipline, accountability, tests, reading, learning, and prioritizing to complete. Karen is on a great journey to become her best self. It is not just about exercising and dieting. It takes a great effort.

Anyway, one requirement for this course is that she has to weigh in at different points and she has to be weighed by someone else and have it documented. I am that person for her 🙂  Today was her final weigh in for this portion of her course.I am smiling right now because it is so awesome and inspiring to see someone really go after what is important to them. To give it 110%. This is Karen. I am still smiling because she was the last person I was talking to when I left the gym last night and she was the first person I saw at the gym this morning. We laughed as I was weighing her because I told her she was here as much as I am now and that she should work here. I love her dedication and her determination. We talked a little after I weighed her about where she is in her  journey and how she gets through some of  the temptations. She has found ways that work for her to keep going and to keep moving forward. She will not stop.

After she left, I checked facebook to see what was going on in facebook world and I saw a link to her latest blog post  titled “Last Official Weigh In”.  Karen is on an amazing  journey and all along the way she is inspiring others including me to be my best self. She is a strong and beautiful person and I admire her strength, dedication, and effort she puts in every single day. Yes, there may be setbacks, struggles and obstacles here or there but  the effort and courage to continue is what counts and Karen has this. She will be successful. Check out her latest post.

Keep moving forward 🙂

Top 10 Gym Peeves

Why are pet peeves called “pet” peeves? I have peeves, but what does pet have to do with it? The “pet” in pet peeve means one that is particularly irritating. I am writing this post about gym peeves. I can’t say I have a “pet” gym peeve because I have more than one that is irritating. I love the gym and most everything about it. I love working there, teaching there, I have friends there and I workout there. It is like my second home. However, there are things that tend to be annoying to myself and others. This is my top 10 in gym peeves.

  1. Leaving machines loaded with plates or not placing the dumbbells back in their proper place. Such an annoyance, what is with the laziness, this is the gym after all. Pick up after yourself.

    The leg press with 100 lb plates on each side that someone just left on for whoever to take off

  2. Coming to the gym sick. Keep your germs at your house. If you have noticeable symptoms that everyone can hear and see, stay at home. You deserve to NOT workout that day. Gross.
  3. Dropping and slamming your weights down. You look stupid. If you can’t lower them properly, then you should not try to lift them.
  4. This kind of goes along with 3. If you make an annoying, loud, grunting, screaming noise and your head looks like it could burst, try taking it down a notch with the noise and the weight.
  5. Not wiping your sweat off of the benches and equipment. Clean up after yourself. Another gross.
  6. This goes for group exercisers. Talking on phones or just talking continuously during class. Really, why did you show up if you are not going to pay attention? Be courteous to your fellow members. If you have to take a call, leave the room:)
  7. Speaking of phones, no one wants to hear the playlist from your iPhone, use your ear buds.
  8. Out of control children. If your gym allows your child to go with you, keep up with him or her.
  9. Adjusting the thermostat to a ridiculous low temperature. If you have access to your gym’s thermostat and the A/C is on and running, there is no need to turn it down to 60 degrees when it has not even reached 70 degrees. I think a proper exercise environment temperature is about 70-72 degrees.
  10. Coming to workout about 10 minutes before the gym closes. I know, exercising a little is better that not exercising at all. Just be ready to leave the building when it is closing time. Thanks.

Do any of these sound familiar? What are your gym peeves?

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