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5 Minute Glute Workout/Fit In 5 #3

Happy New Year! Β I am not going to waste time blabbering about New Year resolutions. We all have probably made them, so let’s stop talking about it and start doing something about it! So, if working your glutes in 5 minutes is your resolution you have come to the right blog. I have included a few of my favorite exercises to target this pesky area. Remember how Fit In 5 works? It is 5 exercises for 1 minute each. Here are the exercises below.

1. Kettlebell or dumbbell swings – 1 minute

2. One Arm Rows – 30 seconds each side

3. Skaters – 1 minute

4. Push Press – 1 minute

5. Dolphin Kicks – alternating kicks for 1 minute


The photo above is a still shot of the Dolphin Kicks, one of my favorites. I can make this a more intense workout by repeating the workout 2-3 times. It is still a quick, efficient, no excuse workout.

Here is the workout – 5 Minute Glute WorkoutΒ

Happy New You!!!! πŸ™‚

*Always consult your own physician before beginning any new exercise program.


Lean Muscle, Fat Burning 21 Day Challenge Starts Today

securedownload-6I am so excited about this new training program I have started today. It is a 21 day challenge I found at by Ashley Conrad, a fitness expert and celebrity trainer. Her program is called The Clutch Cut 21 Day Challenge. She promotes cutting the crap and cutting the fat. πŸ™‚ I like her already. This is just what I need to motivate myself, build lean muscle and burn fat. Her program is awesome because you train at a high intensity for 5 days with rest days as well. I like it because the lifting days are full body workouts which I know my body responds well to. I never have had good success with split training. She also includes HIIT cardio training which will work well with my 1/2 marathon training since my goal is to get faster. I started today with the cardio and core. I did a warm up of light running, stretching, then 10 circuits of interval training (scale 1-10 using treadmill, bike, elliptical or outside run) which included an easy run for 60 seconds (level 5) a faster run for 30 seconds (level 7) and a sprint for 60 seconds (level 10). I finished with a steady run for another mile then cooled down. It felt great. I cannot wait to do the lifting circuit tomorrow. I will give a quick update when done.

She also gives complete nutrition information which is very similar to the way I eat. I am also going to follow her nutrition plan as I train. Who wants to join the challenge with me? Let’s keep each other motivated for the next 21 days. I love it when a good plan comes together.

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