Do you ever get bored with the same exercises? Well, it is always a good idea to shake up your routine. Have you ever heard the saying “muscle confusion”? Our bodies are very adaptable. After doing a certain exercise for a period of time and in the same way, our bodies tend to adapt to it which will produce less results or changes. I think it is always a good idea to confuse your muscles with a wide variety of exercises. This could also be referred to as cross training. Everyone wants to see results from their workouts but also, we all need a good balance of exercises which will help decrease repetitive use injuries as well as boredom. So shake things up and cause a little confusion in your next workout. That is what I have been doing and it is working for me.

Here are a few exercises I have been doing lately.

For my abs I tried this ab slide exercise. I used a towel on a hard surface. I lined my shoulders over my wrists, engaging my core, I slide out to where my shoulders, hips, and knees are in a line. I then slide back to the start. I do as many as I can with good form.UAabslide

The next exercise I have been doing are DownDog Pushups. I get into my downdog position. I bend through the elbows as I gaze toward my hands or I could point the crown of my head toward the ground. I do as many as I can with good form.


The next exercise is one that is out of my comfort zone but I do it on a low step and I am getting better. It strengthens the lower body as well as increases my cardiovascular endurance. I have a sturdy box as I squat and jump up onto the box with both feet landing in a squat position. I then step down and repeat. Tough one!


The last exercise is a variation for plank. I love to plank but this adds just the challenge I needed. It of course works the core but also kicks up my shoulder strength by adding front (or side) raises with a dumbell. I get in plank position but with a wider stance for my legs so my hips will face the floor. I alternate front raises with the dumbells. I do as many as I can with quality form. Remember, never sacrifice form just to do more. More is not always better.


How do you shake up your routines? Let me know 🙂

This blog is written by me and it describes my own experiences and opinions. Consult your own doctor before beginning a new exercise, new exercise program or new nutrition program.


About nthefitzone

Hi, my name is Allyson. I am a 40 something yoga and Pilates teacher. This blog documents my passion for yoga, Pilates, running, strength training, nutrition, and healthy cooking. I hope to inspire others to find their inner athlete, to get strong and healthy, to set goals and reach them. Age doesn't matter. Anything is possible with hard work, determination, drive, commitment and passion. Follow along for some healthy fun and find your inner athlete. It's in there, just waiting to shine :)

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