Future Workout Warrior! Gear Check

Time for gear check for any future Workout Warriors! The challenge starts Monday October 1, 2012 (well technically this weekend for the fit test) so it is time to make sure all of the exercise gear is in place.

These are some items I will be using, however if you do not have all of it, do not worry so much. You can always use your own bodyweight or dumbbells. If you are a true exercise beginner you will definitely be using just your bodyweight or a broomstick.

  1. Dumbbells – I will use a 10-20lb pair
  2. Exercise mat – for floor work (my garage is sometimes a little dirty)
  3. Jump Rope – you can find a cheap one at Wal-Mart
  4. Kettlebell (KB) – I use 15lb-20lb
  5. Broomstick (BS)  or weighted barbell (BB) – I will use a 20lb bar
  6. Your body
  7. A timer or clock
  8. Journal and pen to record times, reps, weight etc.. (you will want to see your improvements and progress)

If you are a beginner, you will be using just your bodyweight, very light dumbbells, or broomstick. I will be doing functional strength exercises along with interval and endurance training.  I will demo modifications for beginners.

Good nutrition, hydration, and sleep is very important during training to help with energy levels and recovery. I will be posting what I eat during this challenge which will consist of many fruits and vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats, beans and legumes, whole grains (keeping portions in control), water, and no sugars:( I encourage anyone who follows to go to the market this weekend and stock up on healthy foods so you will be prepared.

Staples in my house are:

  1. Spinach and other greens
  2. Variety of vegetables (try new things)
  3. Brown rice (the kind you actually have to cook. It is easy just boil water and dump rice in and cook for the time it says)
  4. Organic Eggs
  5. Fruits
  6. Sea Salt, pepper, Greek seasoning, a garlic seasoning, hot sauce
  7. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
  8. Almond Butter
  9. Whole Oats (no packaged crap)
  10. Fish (love salmon)
  11. Black beans
  12. Hummus
  13. Skinless chicken breasts, lean beef, pork loin etc..
  14. Almonds, walnuts, or pistachios etc..
  15. Organic skim milk
  16. Whey protein powder
  17. Dark chocolate (on occasion)
  18. Water
  19. Coffee
  20. Sweet potatoes

You get the picture right? I will post what I eat each day just to give you some ideas if it interests you. If not, don’t read it:) That is all for now. Comment if you have a question. Thanks. Holla!


About nthefitzone

Hi, my name is Allyson. I am a 40 something yoga and Pilates teacher. This blog documents my passion for yoga, Pilates, running, strength training, nutrition, and healthy cooking. I hope to inspire others to find their inner athlete, to get strong and healthy, to set goals and reach them. Age doesn't matter. Anything is possible with hard work, determination, drive, commitment and passion. Follow along for some healthy fun and find your inner athlete. It's in there, just waiting to shine :)

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